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Drainage system (French drain)

A defective drainage system can result in various problems in your home, severely impact you and your family’s health, and reduce the value of your house. To ensure your house is not at risk, have it inspected by a certified professional.

The drainage system (French drain) of your house collects groundwater and carries it away from the foundation to prevent infiltration. When it is deficient, it can cause fissures and water infiltration in the walls of your foundation, excessive moisture, and appearance of mildew and efflorescence (a white powder). The cost of repairing a degrading drainage system can be very high.



This problem can be easily detected via thermographic inspection. This type of inspection precisely detects the defective parts of your drainage system without breaking anything. This identifies the source of the problem so that it can be corrected.

As proof of our reliability, we are recommended by CAA Québec – At Home for thermographic inspections.

If you have or suspect you have a problem with your home’s drainage system, contact us. We will inspect your home and advise you on the best measures to resolve your problem.

Rely on our services for greater peace of mind.