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“Thank you, Éric. We are very happy with your work.”

Véronique and Martin

“We would hereby like to highlight your professionalism during your inspection of our new house. Your building inspection report was very detailed and your advice, sound. Thanks to your service, we were able to conclude the purchase of our new home with great peace of mind. Be assured that Immo-Check Inspection was an unparallelled experience for us, and we recommend your services to everyone around us without hesitation.”



“I would like to express my satisfaction with the home inspection service you recently provided. The house I made an offer to purchase on was repossessed by the bank (without legal recourse – at the risk and peril of the buyer), so the building inspection was even more critical, because it was the opportunity to get out of the sale if mainly negative results came back on the inspection. You were incredibly thorough with all the details of the inspection (from the exterior to the interior of the house), and took your time to finish it properly (the inspection lasted about three hours for a 1,254 sq. ft. house, including a finished basement). The timeline of the inspection report provided surpassed my expectations. The inspection took place from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., and I received a very detailed, 50-page report that evening, with photos and priorities for work to be completed. Being that I am not very familiar with the ‘construction world’, this was useful for me to understand the challenges laid out in the report. I would also like to thank you for your availability to answer my questions after the inspection.”

“A warm thank you for the inspection of the house, high-quality work, and the professional service you showed during the building inspection, as well as the highly detailed and clear report that resulted. The inclusion of photos helped us visualize the repairs and corrections to make to our house, and we are now well equipped to understand the minute details. Thank you again for your devotion and professionalism!”


“Being in the military, I have had to move many times during my career. Therefore, I had to buy property all over the country. Éric at Immo-Check is really the best inspector, with his attention to detail, his comfort explaining the technical aspects of his inspection, and his complete and easy-to-understand reports. I was so satisfied with his services that I have used his services twice more in the last month. Thanks to him, I avoided buying a property with major problems. Thanks, Éric.”


“A big thank you to Mr. Ayotte for his pre-purchase inspection of my house. He was very attentive to details both outside and inside my house. He completed his work beautifully and his report was delivered the same day, filled with photos and very detailed. This is all to say that I recommend his services for an inspection of your home.”


“Excellent building inspection work and very professional. The photos and the home inspection report were clear and precise. The report was submitted in a very short time. Thank you very much, Éric.”


“This letter is to thank you for the inspection you completed at the Gatineau property on which I made an offer to purchase. Your advice and recommendations are greatly appreciated and I would like to thank you.”

Martin and Angie

“He was very thorough in his building inspection, and the home inspection report very detailed. Excellent work.”


“Thank you for the building inspection. During the inspection, Éric showed exemplary attention to detail. His service showed advanced expertise in the smallest details. Additionally, he provided an exhaustive inspection report that gave a complete picture of the house. I recommend Éric with full confidence. You will not be disappointed with Immo-Check Inspection.”


“Mr. Ayotte came to complete the inspection on a house I made an offer on. During the inspection, Mr. Ayotte explained to me what he saw and ensured that I understood the risks associated with the problem. I was very impressed by his professionalism and by the quality of his explanations. Also, he used his specialized camera to show me all the insulation problems. After his inspection, he submitted a very detailed report about the problems the house had. In the report, he clearly explained the problems and the associated risks. After his visit, I feel much more confident in my purchase and I strongly recommend him. Thank you.”