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Iron ochre deposits

An ochre deposit (iron ochre) in the drainage system of your home can cause major damage, seriously impact you and your family’s health, and reduce the value of your home. To ensure your house is not at risk, have it inspected by a certified professional.

An ochre deposit is a viscous, orange-brown liquid, composed of ferrous soil and water, which forms through the action of bacteria, particularly in the pipes of houses. This deposit is harmful because it is practically impossible to remove and clogs the pipes.

An ochre deposit can cause water infiltration in your basement, excessive moisture, and the appearance of mildew. The cost of replacing a drainage system can be very high.

Only a lab analysis of a water sample from your drainage system can confirm whether you have an ochre deposit.

If an ochre deposit has formed or you suspect has formed in the drainage system of your house, contact us. We will inspect your drainage system and advise you on the best measures to resolve your problem.

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